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Still hoping for the dogs (access required)

The “pit bull ruling” is being challenged in federal court and it’s being challenged by a fellow “Generation JDer.”


  1. If this is unconstitutional, then so is every homeowner’s or condominium owner’s association scheme.

    Mr. Edwards’ client should consider moving out of public housing and into a fee simple property where he can own whatever dog he likes, subject to my ability to sue him if it bites me. If he is unable or unwilling to do that, then restricting his ability to keep a dangerous animal in his apartment seems a pretty reasonable tax and spend limitation to me.

  2. I guess that’s a good point isolde. If you choose to move into Armistead Gardens instead of choosing to live in a home that you own in “fee simple” you should prepare for the day that the Community Association demands that you abandon your animal.

    If you haven’t read the new article on this lawsuit the plaintiff says that he will never abandon his dog 🙂

  3. If you “choose to move” into Armistead Gardens, it is because you are on disability or unemployed and in need of Section 8 housing.

    “Community Association.” I am going to be laughing about that for hours.

  4. The right to own a dog is like the right to own a car, which is to say no right at all. It is a privilege. People who think that they can own any dog and keep it the way they want need to think again. There is such a disproportionate number of injuries and fatalities with Pit Bulls, that it cannot be blamed only on the owners. If bad dog owners gravitate to just one or two breeds of dog, there has to be a reason — and it may be that the breeds are dangerous.

    Owners of a dog that has been bred for hundreds of years for traits for strength, ferocity and tolerance to pain to be fighting dogs, and who presumably acquired the dog knowing of, and for, these traits can not feign surprise when their landlord says that they cannot keep such a dog on the landlord’s premises. If the owner wants to lose their home over it, do be it … but something tells me that, in the end of the day, Mr. Edwards client is going to stay right where he is.

  5. Thanks for weighing in guys. I’d love to hear from anyone pro-dog (or just not anti-dog) out there too! Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

    isolde- I was hoping my word choice wouldn’t be lost on you.

    Gregory- Even so, I don’t think their would be a law that says that everyone needs to give up their cars just because there are a lot of accidents or something like that. But actually you raise a good point, instead of banning dogs, we could ban certain behaviors, like chaining up dogs. It’s the same approach that we take to vehicles, no texting while driving, etc. Maybe you are onto something here.

    I understand the need to protect people, but I don’t think that it’s true that pitbulls are more likely to bite you than any other dog. It just happens to be publicized more often and sadly pitbulls are often treated poorly. I’m not sure what punishing a dog for an owner’s behavior would solve. See this link on BSL

  6. I live in Armistead Gardens. I have had a german shepherd for 8 years. A non-aggressive loyal dog. Two months ago a new neighbor moved next door to me with their 2 tiny dogs. I do not know what kind-I know they are not the Mexican dogs whose name I can’t spell but they are small. The neighbors called Animal Control on me citing “my dog tries to jump the fence, dig under the fence to get to the little dogs to kill them”. Never mind that the small dogs are never supervised in their back yards, bark at my dog constantly, jumping on the fence at her and yet she is not expected to respond in any way. I do try to keep my dog out of the back yard when the little fellows are outand my dog is always supervised. Now Armistead Gardens has written me a nasy letter citing the above allegations saying “I may have to find another home for my dog”. My dog has all shots, flea medication, etc. She has hip dysplasia and a torn ligament in her back leg suffered when she got stuck in a snow mound during the blizzard. No way she could jump anything. She gets better medical treatment than me. She is on always on a leash. The small dogs are never on a leash. Where do the Gardens get the nerve to take someone’s word that my dog is vicious when I have not even been asked about it. Just pure allegations, not a shred of evidence and I am guilty and may have to move. Because I was able to provide adequate paperwork for my dog now they are insisting I paint my house at $100.00 per hour – for a 3 day period. I haven’t lost my mind completely yet. I am 75 years old and cannot afford a $3,000.00 bill. This neighborhood is now so bad I could find a couple crackheads to paint it for an easy $200.00. So the big problem is Armistead Gardens, not the dogs and probably not most of the membership. Injustice is rampant on their Board of Directors – which by the way my new neighbor is a member.

  7. Hi Mary, I’m sorry I’m just responding to you now. I am so sorry to hear that you’re having these problems. Of course dogs bark at each other through fences, and you shouldn’t leave your dog unsupervised in your backyard, especially in a community in which homes are close together. I would call the above number 1 855 MDDOGS1 (1 855 633 6471) when you can to get advice, especially since you have already gotten a letter from the Board of Directors. I know that volunteers (I’m not sure if they were all lawyers or not) were going door to door in your community to talk to residents about their rights when it comes to their dogs and this new ruling. It’s such a confusing and scary time for dog owners. I really hope that everything gets figured out for you.

  8. Thanks Jen. I will call.