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Simmons named ‘Best of Baltimore’

We here at The Daily Record know Melody Simmons is one of the best reporters in town. No one works the phones and talks up her sources the way she does. Her “field trips” out and about always seem to yield great stories, great leads for stories or both. She is a repository of local real estate and development history, which gives depth and context to everything she writes. (Also: EBDI.)

We could go on and on about Mel but we don’t have to. That’s because City Paper has done it for us, naming her “Best Beat Reporter” in its annual “Best of Baltimore” issue. To quote the paper, Mel’s reporting

always recognizes that the real-estate business impacts how we interact with the city we live in, that development is always political, and that what’s good for one party isn’t necessarily good for the community at large.

Congratulations, Mel, on a well-deserved award.

(Photo: City Paper/Josh Sisk)


  1. Totallt agree. Balanced, objective and inquisitive. She’s terrific.

  2. The hardest-working reporter in Baltimore. Fair. Honest. And, great radio host.