Move over, Groundhog Day

Ray Frager//September 20, 2012

Move over, Groundhog Day

By Ray Frager

//September 20, 2012

On Wednesday, under the auspices of the Department of Natural Resources and Old Bay, we will see the debut of Baltimore Bill, who will tell us how soon winter is going to get here.

Bill is a blue crab — or, in the words of the news release, a “weather-predicting blue crab” — who will appear at the Inner Harbor in front of the McCormick World of Flavors sign and divine whether fall will hang on or we’re headed for an early chill. Bill is supposed to make his prediction by walking off a crab plank designed just for this purpose.

Please note how Baltimore is leaving the whole winter-spring thing to the folks in Punxsutawney and their furry, shadow-observing mammal.

We’re not sure how this will work out, but if we were Bill and saw a store selling Old Bay, we’d probably just want to get back in the water as quickly as possible and say the heck with weather predicting.


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