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O’Malley says more should be done to collect tolls

ANNAPOLIS — Gov. Martin O’Malley says the state should be doing more to collect money from drivers who ignore road tolls.

O’Malley, speaking Monday on WTOP-FM’s “Ask the Governor” program, said he believes the law must be changed to give clear authority to the state to suspend the registrations of drivers who use E-ZPass lanes to avoid paying tolls.

Roughly $6 million in tolls have gone uncollected from people who have used the lanes in the last five years.

O’Malley says a bill to give a state agency authority to suspend driver’s licenses failed in this year’s legislative session. He says the bill will be back next session.

Until then, the governor says he has directed the agency to use all available means to collect the tolls.

One comment

  1. O’Malley needs to shout out for collecting $600-800 billion in mortgage fraud from Wall Street left after Gansler’s interest payment $125 billion. O’Malley needs to shout out about the billions lost in Maryland in health entitlement fraud each year….enough to give Marylander’s health care for all.

    Instead he shouts out about tolls….