40 animals, including kinkajou, removed from Pasadena home

PASADENA — Anne Arundel County police say 40 animals, including a kinkajou and a chinchilla, have been removed from a Pasadena home.

Police and animal control officers searched the home Thursday and found aquatic species, snakes, dogs, turtles, birds, chickens and geese, a goat and a pig. A kinkajou, a rainforest animal that resembles a ferret, was also removed.

Officials say many of the animals were without food or drinking water.

A dead rabbit and several dead quail were also found.

Animal control officials say officials confiscated five raccoons and skunks from the home in August and tested them for rabies. The tests came back negative.

The homeowner, whom police did not identify, has not yet been charged.

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