Planners, task management systems, Post-it notes and keeping your sanity

Here’s how a little careful and realistic planning can help you in your business.


  1. Whilst I agree that no single approach works for everyone I believe that all businesses large or small benefit from using social collaboration and/or project management software. There are many on the market and there is not one to suit everyone’s needs as we found out, so we developed our own tracky.com. Tracky is a social collaboration and project management tool that allows you to plan your business and personal life. Your account is yours for life so you never lose those important contacts. Tracky allows you to chat online, upload documents, and we also have a mobile app. You can also publish tracks or blogs from Tracky to a public website. These are just some of the features however we are constantly adding new features to meet the needs of our users.

  2. Thanks for the information and the comment!