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Phone charges outlive user

To death and taxes, you can add T-Mobile bills. Because even after you die, that apparently doesn’t mean T-Mobile will stop billing you for your cell phone.

In what is reportedly at least the third such instance of post-death billing, the family of a young woman from Minnesota who was killed in a motorcycle accident has turned to an online petition to try to get T-Mobile to close her account, on which the company says $300 is owed.

After Tina Estad’s death in July, her family said they paid the balance on her phone bill, mailed T-Mobile a copy of her death certificate and asked that the account be closed. But the family was told the certificate was mailed to the wrong address, and T-Mobile continued to bill the account, reaching a $300 balance.

T-Mobile threatened to go after the late woman’s estate to collect its money, the family says, and family members are worried that an action by T-Mobile would interfere with their efforts to collect insurance money to help pay for the $250,000 in medical bills related to the accident.

The Consumerist website, which is among those reporting on this matter, had not heard back from T-Mobile for its side of the story as of Wednesday.