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Prescribing poor practices?

Management at CVS allegedly has had a prescription for pharmacists at the chain’s stores: Get those automatic refills rolling or you don’t get a raise.

As a result, CVS customers may be getting prescriptions they didn’t order and insurers may be getting billed for medicines without patients knowing about it, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Justice Department is investigating.

CVS denied any fraudulent practices and said it hasn’t pressured pharmacists to fill quotas in the company’s ReadyFill program, the Times said.

“These metrics [the number of automatic refill customers] are among the numerous factors used to measure the effectiveness of our pharmacy services, and it would be inaccurate to describe them as quotas that put pressure on individuals,” a company spokesman told the newspaper.

However, an unnamed CVS pharmacist said his store hears from customers complaining about automated calls to pick up refills they didn’t order.

“We have to pretend that we have no idea how it happened,” the pharmacist said. “Everyone involved knows what this really is: a way to fill more scripts and make more money for the company.”