Rawlings-Blake, Ogden star in pro-gambling ad

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and former Ravens offensive tackle Jonathan Ogden star in the latest-pro gambling ad paid for by a group urging voters to support Question 7 on Election Day.


  1. With the level of violence in Baltimore and the problems with bullying, why is the Mayor in a commercial that implies violence? Do these people really think about what they say they believe and advocate?

  2. This 2012 election has given me many moments of laughter. Every time Jonathan Ogden comes on, I can imagine Keenan Thompson doing an impression of him on SNL. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s speech pattern sounds likes she has been sucking too many lemons. I am disappointed with the Mayor, I made the error of thinking she had more integrity than to support gambling in Baltimore instead of trying to lure manufacturers and hi-tech research and development to our region.

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