Frosh: Majority of Senate would support fracking moratorium

A majority of the state Senate would support a legislative moratorium on hydraulic fracturing if such a bill is released from committee, Sen. Brian E. Frosh said Wednesday.

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  1. What the Maryland Assembly failed to do last year was to approve funding for a baseline study of the chemical composition of the Marcellus Aquifer. These baseline studies are needed in lawsuits where the public fights to hold the Fracking industry responsible for the toxic cleanup we all know will happen as it is happening all across the country. Even if m
    Maryland doesn’t drill, and I’m told the strongest reason for that is there is no viable site in Maryland, having WVA, PA, and OH all drilling will itself contaminate the Marcellus. We have seen time and again in states having drilling for some time where the public is denied protections from contamination because there was no baseline data proving these fracking chemicals weren’t there before drilling….even though it is counterintuitive.

    So, the decision not to drill has no bearing on the need to fund a strong baseline study of the Marcellus Aquifer.

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