Pit bull task force talk

The General Assembly's pit bull task force met Thursday for the first time since this summer.


  1. There is a BIG difference between “Attack” and dog bite or a nip. Please explain and define “Attack” please. Thank you, Sunnie Murphy

  2. Pit Bulls are not inherently dangerous. My neighbor has a Pit Bull and it is as docile as a Golden Retriever. This decision is causing Rottweiler owners to be discriminated against. Next it will be Dobermans, and on and on. The only dog I’ve ever been bitten by was a small poodle. Anything with teeth, even humans, can bite. Its the nature of the individual dog and its treatment by humans which causes it to be dangerous or not. I think even my Golden would bite if I was threatened or if he was provoked or treated cruely. If I, however, allowed my Golden to run at large, and it bit someone, I agree that it would be my responsibility and mine alone. I sincerely hope this decision will be reconsidered and that legislators will see that categorizing an entire breed of dogs as vicious is ludicrous.

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