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Ashman joins KoolSpan as VP

eric ashmanEric Ashman has joined KoolSpan as vice president of engineering.

Ashman has over 18 years of experience in mobile software development, software-as-a-service, cloud infrastructure, telecommunications and systems engineering. He leads the team developing secure mobile communications software for use with KoolSpan’s TrustChip.

Prior to joining KoolSpan, Ashman served as director of engineering for mobile advertising in the location and commerce division of Nokia. Ashman was responsible for post-click content delivery for the location point advertising platform, which served location-aware ads to users of maps, apps, and mobile web sites. Ashman also previously worked at Acuity Mobile, Proteus, Mars Music and USWeb/CKS. He has been a frequent speaker at trade shows, including COMDEX and NetExpo, and was an Adjunct Professor at American University.

Ashman received his bachelor’s degree in audio technology and his master’s in computer information systems from American University.