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Sandy from a Marylander’s perspective

I am the opposite side of the coin from John Cord and his perspective on Sandy.

I was born in Maryland and have pretty much lived here my whole life. When a storm is in the forecast I do get really concerned! I guess I don’t completely freak out and my first instinct is never to run to the store to stock up on milk, bread, bottled water and generators. It tends to go from concern to wondering if the storm is really coming, then back to concern and so on and so on.

As far as work, I always try to push through even if I’m scared of the weather. Not to toot my own horn, but I like working. But I’ve learned my lessons over the years. I’ve been that woman who comes to work despite the snow/storm/whatever and been the only one in the office. It didn’t earn me any points and, in retrospect, was really unsafe.

Now, I always plan to stay home when the weather is bad; it just isn’t worth it at all to attempt to go in. I was out of town for a wedding this past weekend and had to fly back on Sunday and was terrified even to do that.

I hope that everyone has had minimal damage post-Sandy. I was off Monday and Tuesday and have been on “bucket duty” in my house. In the next few days that will change to “dry wall duty.” And while that isn’t fun, that is nothing compared to the damage other people have experienced.

The people of New Jersey, and anyone else who has experienced loss during this storm are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope recovery is possible and happens quickly for everyone.

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  1. Also, if you’re not as crazy as me and are hiring someone to repair your home from damage be careful! Don’t fall victim to home repair scammers. Check out this link from the DLLR to learn what you can do to protect yourself