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Md. warns homeowners to hire licensed tree experts

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources is reminding homeowners to make sure they hire licensed tree professionals to trim or remove trees damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

Department officials say state law requires anyone who treats, trims, or removes trees to be licensed and insured. And they say homeowners can verify whether someone is licensed on the department’s website.

Homeowners are also advised to never pay the full amount before work is completed, obtain a contract stating what will be done and how much it will cost, and ask for references.

One comment

  1. if i want to trim my tree on my property .i dont need to pay anyone specially the goverment .always with a hand out sad ” thou shal not buy nor sell with out a mark upon thee” has revelations come true ….

    remind you this is a free country that im allowed to have liberty, freedom of speech n the pursuit of happiness … to tell me i have to pay someone or a govt that i may pursue being happy trimming my tree on my land get the F out of the country of we the people …we are free