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Looking forward to a greater Prince George’s County

National HarborI don’t normally discuss politics but given the timing of my post I felt I needed to write something about the 2012 elections. I’m more than happy about the results and I’m excited about what the future has in store for our nation. More specifically, I look forward to seeing how Prince George’s County will be impacted by the widely-expected development of a casino at National Harbor.

I am a lifelong resident of southern Prince George’s County and I supported expanding gaming into the county. I’m only minutes away from National Harbor and it has been a great addition to the county. Prior to the Harbor, there really wasn’t anything that motivated outsiders to take leisurely trips to the southern part of the county.

When I worked as a waitress at the Gaylord while in law school, I had numerous conversations with first-time visitors from Virginia and D.C. It wasn’t uncommon for people living nearby to tell me that they never crossed the bridge into the county because there wasn’t much to do. I couldn’t blame them, since I felt the same way and spent a lot of my time and money in Virginia and D.C.

I was confused when I realized there was strong opposition to Question 7. I didn’t understand why people would be against raising more revenue and bringing more business to the state. Closer to the election I started having serious discussions with people regarding their position on Question 7.  The major concern of many opposed was they believed the money was not going to go to education.

I had a different perspective. I thought a casino at the Harbor would take the county to the next level by making National Harbor a destination location. I have witnessed first hand what growth and development can do because the Harbor has been successful and I have benefited from its success.

Of course, I want my county to be even better. The casino will bring high-end shopping, more entertainment, jobs and much more to the area. Hopefully the development at the Harbor will spur more growth throughout southern Prince George’s and bringing it in line with other areas in the region.

One of the great things about our country is our democratic process and the right to vote. I’m glad that the residents of Maryland, specifically Prince George’s County, voted in support of expanding gambling. I believe that great things will come from the new casino and it is going to move Prince George’s County forward. I’m looking forward to having more visitors come into the county and experience what we have to offer.

At the same time, as a voter and a resident of the county, I will do my part and make sure I stay involved and voice my concerns with my representatives if I’m not happy with any negative outcomes resulting from the gaming expansion.