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Running up the score?


Sam Koch (4) scores on a fake field goal in the Ravens' 55-20 win over the Raiders on Sunday.

I love my Ravens and I loved watching Sunday’s game. I’ll admit that I was nervous going in and wasn’t sure what to expect but couldn’t have asked for a better result.

While I always love a victory, I do have just a bit of sympathy for the Raiders. Did the Ravens run up the score? I don’t know, but scoring a touchdown off a fake field goal when you’re up by 24 is always going to raise some eyebrows.

While watching the game didn’t immediately stir the lawyer inside me, it still has stayed on my mind. We often write about professional courtesy here at Generation J.D. And Sunday’s game got me thinking about situations in the legal profession where one party wins a case by what seems like a large margin and the behavior of the attorneys (and their clients) to each other in such cases.

Specifically, it got me thinking back to when I was clerking for Judge Emory A. Plitt in Harford County Circuit Court. One of the most important lessons I learned from him was treating all attorneys and parties with respect no matter how the case ends up. Even if things take a turn for the worse in court, it’s important to remember that the attorney still worked extremely hard to represent his or her client.

Along those same lines, sometimes you don’t win your case. But that doesn’t mean you’re a bad attorney or did a bad job. It might just mean the evidence didn’t go your way.

Have you ever been in a Ravens/Raiders type of matchup in court, a deposition, an arbitration or any other type of legal proceeding?