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Hostess not with the most-est

We could go with “Ding Dong, the Twinkie’s dead” or “Wonder Bread used to build strong bodies 12 ways, but now none,” but that would likely be inaccurate.

Though Hostess Brands announced Friday it is closing — blaming a strike by its bakers union, although the company already was in bankruptcy — it seems entirely reasonable to assume someone else is going to be making Devil Dogs, Ho Ho’s and Sno Balls at some point.

The company’s announcement that it is shuttering its 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers and other associated businesses, costing jobs to 18,000 workers, also says that Hostess will be selling its snack cake and bread brands. So don’t you get too cocky, Little Debbie.

You would think those brands, such a well-known part of American culture, would draw plenty of interest. Plus, consider this: With two states having legalized recreational use of marijuana, is this really a time not to be making Twinkies?

One comment

  1. One would wonder after having a supermajority of democrats and a President that used Bain Capital as a campaign mantra that laws would be in place that protected against a company’s ability to go bankrupt/sell patents before all employees and their benefits are protected! It is incredible. I know we are being led by Third Way corporate/wealth democrats so that needs to change.

    The point to the loss of Hostess is that it was gutted by ‘vulture’ capitalist and left to die… wasn’t labor problems as media tried to portray. We say to those workers… for office and make ‘politician’ your next job!!!