Eye Opener: O’Malley wants Gansler to review Alston’s eligibility

Some government and politics headlines for Monday.

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  1. This is a prime example of how we need clearly and well-defined laws regarding fraud and ethics so as to have a set response when infractions occur. There is always someone interceding in these legal decisions so as to make Rule of Law murky at best. I intend no harm to Del Alston, I merely state the obvious…..Rule of Law becomes Rule by Law if laws are allowed to be implemented on individual basis.

    Sandra Day O’Connor famously said when she stepped down from the Supreme Court that America was in grave threat of losing one of its 3 systems of check and balances….the Justice Department. She is right and it comes from this arbitrary enforcement of law. When, how, who are now decided by people other than judge and jury. This is not Rule of Law. Maryland is at the top of the list in infractions.

    The one thing that came from the financial collapse and recession was that the people are tired of this lack of justice and are demanding that Rule of Law be reestablished in this state and in the country. No amount of ignoring the situation by those causing these problems will sidetrack this objective. So, I am calling on O’Malley to let a court determine the status of Del Alston and work instead on funding the State Attorney Office so as to rebuild white collar criminal agencies in Maryland.

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