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What I’m thankful for

cornucopiaNothing annoys me more than the retail market’s transition from Halloween to Christmas. Because Thanksgiving is not a moneymaker, most retail establishments bypass the need to be thankful for what we have and focus on the things that we need. We will celebrate Thanksgiving and follow it with a day (or late night) of Black Friday shopping for things that we do not need.

But Thanksgiving has always been one my favorite holidays because it is a time of reflection. The following is my attorney’s thankful list:

1.  Clients — I am thankful for my clients and the work that I perform on their behalf. They are confident in my abilities to ensure they are properly represented and for my zealous representation of their interests. Clients and their attorneys are a team, working together toward a proper resolution of a problem.

2. Late nights and working weekends — More work gets done at night and weekends when others are not around.  Working late at night and on weekends is not ideal (I would rather be relaxing or with my family) but it is a great time to get organized and ready for a trial, hearing or upcoming meeting. It also means that I am busy, and busy is good. It’s better than the alternative.

3. Pleading Causes of Action I love this book. A must for any litigator.

4. Google — The best and sometimes the most efficient legal resource. It provides a quick starting point for legal research, which in turn makes my search criteria for Lexis Nexus or WestLaw more specific.

5. Bar associations — I enjoy the support and friendship of bar associations, which include the MSBA and BCBA.  Looking past the networking opportunities, the CLEs and the availability of the pro bono or public service work, I am thankful for the friendships I have made through my affiliations with the bar associations.

6. Pro bono clients — Nothing centers me more than helping those in need with legal issues. It places my issues in perspective and helps me understand how lucky I am and how lucky I have been. Also, showing people that the legal system works, even when they don’t think it does, is a wonderful experience.

7. My law firm I am at a firm that understands the importance of the billable hour is sometimes outweighed by the difference one can make with a non-billable hour. Without my firm’s support, I would not be able to be as active with bar associations, pro bono work or blogs for young lawyers.

8. Family — A supportive family that not only allows me, but supports me in my professional endeavors. A wife that is not only a mother to our two kids, but a full-time attorney and a recipient of the Leading Women award from The Daily Record.

I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels to whatever destination you are heading to. If you have anything to be thankful for, please comment below. I am certain that I have missed something obvious and relevant, like document review software or post it notes or Tic Tacs

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  1. I am thankful for wonderful colleagues to share tips and frustrations. Have a happy and restful holiday!