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Setting myself up for next Thanksgiving

treadmillThanksgiving is over and the Christmas season is now officially in full swing. At least, it is if you listen to the retailers and radio stations.

Thanksgiving is a classic reminder for us to take a break to reflect on what we are thankful for.

But what about the next day?

Over Thanksgiving, while I sat and reflected on the things I was thankful for, among many other things that came to my mind (and not to rehash my colleague’s great list), was the fact that I have friends and colleagues who have pushed me to set and achieve goals that I would likely never have met if left to my own devices.

These include people within my firm who have supported me in becoming a “go to” person within the firm for legal issues relating to technology and social media. Partners in my firm who have given me great legal and client development opportunities. Bar association colleagues who found out that I was interested in getting involved and who found me far more substantial opportunities far sooner than I ever would have anticipated. Colleagues and friends who encouraged me to sign up for the Baltimore Marathon relay this past year and who helped me maintain some semblance of a training schedule.

Upon reflection, I decided that it would be rather wasteful of me to reminisce on all of this and then go back to my usual daily grind without doing anything about it.

So, I now have a treadmill at home (take that, winter!). And, as soon as registration for next year’s Baltimore Marathon opens, I’m signing up.

Who’s with me?