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Lawyers better known as non-lawyers

cris collinsworthThere are a lot of lawyers nowadays in general but have you ever noticed there are a lot of attorneys who are better known for their work as a non-attorney?

The one I always think of (especially during football season) is broadcaster and former NFL player Cris Collinsworth. He received his law degree from the University of Cincinnati in 1991 . Washington State University football head coach Mike Leach also is an attorney (J.D. from Pepperdine), as are Portia de Rossi and John Cleese, among others.

I’m proud to be an attorney but I can understand an attorney leaving the legal profession to pursue a career in coaching, acting or something else, particularly in the current legal market. What I have a more difficult time understanding, however, is why a successful and established person in one of these professions would want to learn the law.

What is it that draws already successful individuals to the practice of law? As you all know (some too well), it takes so much work, time, money and stress to become an attorney. I can understand wanting to take the time to learn a certain subject you’ve always been interested in if you have the time and money to do so. But I don’t know if you can really “learn” the law through law school.

There’s a lot of different types of law, and although you may learn some rules in law school, unless you actually practice that type of law you’re not going to be much of an expert. Maybe it is because law school trains you to think a certain way rather than training you to remember certain things that draws people to it.

Do you think that the legal field draws a certain type of personality? I think that maybe it does. I am not exactly sure what kind, but certainly a person who is driven to some degree. Whatever it is, and even though I don’t entirely understand it, I still think it’s neat that already establish people would have such a desire to learn the law.


  1. Given the massive frauds that overwhelmingly involved lawyers and no lawyers charged and fraudulent gains protected…..that was the point of the $25 billion settlement after all….and given that Rule of Law is only enforced when convenient with no equal protection under the law, seeing them as media personalities et al is no surprise.

    The American people have identified the return to Rule of Law a top priority for moving the US back to first world status so don’t let those law degrees get rusty!!!!

  2. Another good example would be the late comedian Greg Giraldo. Famous for being possibly the funniest roaster ever on Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts along with Jeffrey Ross. Greg was a Harvard Law grad.

  3. Ooh, that is a good one Dave. I didn’t know Greg Giraldo was an attorney. He was so funny.