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Eye Opener: Transportation, energy top list for some lawmakers

A few government and politics headlines for Friday:

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  1. I think most citizens will shout out that a return to public utilities is in order. We applaud the New Jersey municipality that says ‘enough is enough’ and is moving to buy back their utilities. We know ratepayers and the public are simply used to boost corporate profits, so moving away from privatization is a no-brainer.

    We also recognize that the Transportation Trust was emptied by all of the development in the Washington suburbs with the ICC and the Montgomery County/Veola transit system. So, it seems a special tax on those counties will be needed to rebuild the Trust. We certainly do not want to do credit bond leveraging in these shaky economic times…..we don’t want public assets going to the banks like they are in Greece after all.

    It is time to recognize the lost revenue from hybrid and electric cars and trucks and attaching a special tax on annual driving fees in order to replace the missing gas tax. Can you imagine having only those using gas paying for all road construction? Not too democratic. Then there is that pesky progressive rate in taxing gas companies more when moving gas from refinery to stations. Those making the most in profit should be paying more in transference fees…..followed by station owners and then the individual at the pump pay a small 2% more.

    We need to move to a more progressive approach to taxation in Maryland as the wealth inequity is tops in the country. I hate to have those few at the top feel so guilty about not paying their fair share!