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Cecil County executive sworn in, without the “R”

Cecil County’s first executive was sworn in Monday without the Republican affiliation with which she ran for the Upper Shore jurisdiction’s top office.

New County Executive Tari Moore made headlines around the state late last week and over the weekend after The Cecil Times broke the news that she switched to “unaffiliated” after campaigning as a Republican. The website reported that Moore made the move in order to bypass the Republican Central Committee.

Monday, Moore explained her decision after being sworn in.

The voters “sent a clear message that you expect more, and that you will not tolerate the division and aimlessness that have sometimes characterized our politics in the recent past,” Moore said Monday, according to The Cecil Times.

Moore had been a Republican county commissioner, and the party’s central committee could have submitted three names to take her seat if she had remained affiliated. By becoming unaffiliated, Moore took that decision out of the central committee’s hands, and put it under the purview of the new county council.

The Republican party has become split in Cecil County, but the central committee is aligned with Del. Michael D. Smigiel Sr., chair of the House of Delegates’ Tea Party Caucus, and Senate Minority Leader E.J. Pipkin.

The Baltimore Sun reported over the weekend that the Maryland Republican Party rejected a resolution introduced by that faction that would have forced Moore to step down.

“Tari Moore is a good Republican and I think at some time she will [return to the party],” 1st District U.S. Rep. Andrew Harris told The Sun. “This is local Cecil County politics and, like I say, will work itself out in the end.”