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Former O’Malley aide: ‘Sound the alarm’ on fiscal cliff

Michael Enright

Michael R. Enright (Photo: Maryland State Archives)

Gov. Martin O’Malley’s former chief of staff, now member of a bipartisan coalition urging Congress to cut a deal to prevent “fiscal cliff” tax increases and spending cuts, said Monday he’s not surprised Maryland would be hit extra hard by sequestration.

The Daily Record reported in Tuesday’s paper on a Tax Foundation analysis that shows the typical Maryland family would see its tax bill increase more than the typical family just about anywhere else in the United States unless a bipartisan deal is cut in Washington.

Michael R. Enright, who left the O’Malley administration in 2010 and now is a member of the Campaign to Fix the Debt steering committee in Maryland, said such reports helped make the potential problems with a congressional failure more salient for voters.

“These kind of reports are helpful,” Enright said. “This is not a future, abstract [problem]. I think that’s the reason we’re trying to sound the alarm here.

“The enormity is apparent,” he added.

Maryland, with comparatively high state and local income taxes to go along with a comparatively high median salary for residents, could see many taxpayers fall into the alternative minimum tax bracket if Congress does not raise the exemption threshold to account for inflation.

State workers also are in danger of losing federally-funded jobs if threatened spending cuts are not averted.

“I’m not surprised we’d be at the top of the list,” Enright said, adding there was little time to prevent such ill effects. “We don’t have a great deal of tie to organize meetings and have a bake sale.”

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  1. Fiscal progressives want the President and democratic leadership to stand with people and with democratic principles like Rule of Law and addressing wealth inequity by instituting a rebuilding of the white collar criminal system across America as the next growth industry and economic and job creating stimulus. We all know that all of the $14 trillion in national debt can be paid by recovering corporate fraud across all business sectors …health, financial, education, and defense. This is a job stimulus that pays for itself; no taxpayer money needed and will employ millions of unemployed people.

    This is a democratic approach to the debt and since we have not hear of it from our existing leadership, we must assume that we are dealing with Third Way corporate pols that may need to be voted out of office!