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Baggers can be choosers

All you dirty dogs out there, be on alert. Three Marylanders have developed a new way to clean pets.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Christina Ann Tarasuk, of Germantown, and Mary and Paul Tarasuk, of Derwood, have received a patent for a “disposable pet cleaning bag.”

We’ll let the abstract of the patent speak for itself: “A single use and disposable pet cleaning bag that is coated on the inside with a dry shampoo or a water-activated shampoo or pre-moistened with a wet shampoo on the inside or throughout the bag. The caretaker places the bag around the pet and massages the shampoo into the coat of the animal, allowing for a much easier method of cleaning pets while providing a safer, more relaxing experience for the animal. When the cleaning is complete, the caretaker removes the bag which contains the dirt and hair that is shed by the animal and discards the bag, eliminating the required cleanup of the bathing area.”

Though the reference is to “animal,” we don’t imagine anyone would try this on any pet other than a dog, but we wonder whether your dog would indeed find it a “more relaxing experience.”

And it does give new meaning to “the cat’s in the bag.”