Mikulski, Cardin call for increased federal heating aid

WASHINGTON — Maryland’s two U.S. senators say they are among a group of 40 senators calling on the Obama Administration to increase federal heating aid.

Sens. Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin announced Monday that they had signed the letter sent to the president. The senators say they are calling on the administration to restore funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program to at least the $4.7 billion authorized in fiscal year 2011. The letter says funding for the program dropped to $3.47 billion last year.

Cardin and Mikulski say the struggling economy and still high energy prices have caused record numbers to seek heating assistance.


  1. We need our elected officials to shout out against these energy policies that allow energy costs to grow to the point more and more people have to be subsidized just to have the bare necessities in life. Mikulski and Cardin both know that the financial reform bill has law regarding ‘market speculation’ protections for the public that have never been inacted…..these two pols know that the laws regarding the movement of oil and gas out of the country as exports will drive cost up…..these two knew that the merger of BGE with a national energy company would have the public paying all of that company’s operational and infrastructure costs through higher rates.

    The citizens of Maryland are saying to pols that we will be electing pols that shout out in public interest not act for corporate profit. We don’t need you trying to subsidize what everyone should be able to freely afford!!!!!!

  2. As if there weren’t a bunch of other things that were more important. Spend the money on the important stuff first for once, I say.

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