On holiday gift giving

Jen Kehl//December 12, 2012

On holiday gift giving

By Jen Kehl

//December 12, 2012

office christmasI haven’t started my Christmas/holiday shopping and it is starting to stress me out. I don’t usually leave my shopping until the last minute, and I hate leaving things until the last minute, but sometimes, that’s just the way it goes.

I really like to think my gifts, though. Gift-giving doesn’t come easy to me, so I really need to spend time thinking about the recipient before I feel confident in my gift selection. If I wait until the last minute, I end up overbuying because I don’t feel confident in my gift, didn’t find a fair price or I only could find or think of something expensive.

This is especially true (and important) when it comes to buying gifts for coworkers. I like buying gifts for them because, after all, they have to spend so much time with me throughout the year. But the presents (and the cost thereof) can really add up. I don’t have to buy gifts for clients myself yet, but this is also true for law firms who want to show appreciation to their clients.

Although I would love to get something for everyone, I usually try scale it back by getting gifts for the people that I work with most often. But even this can be tricky if you work at a small-to-midsize office and work with everyone. Secret Santas, drawing names and white elephant exchanges (which I believe my office is doing) can help with this dilemma a bit. But these games don’t completely eliminate the office gift-giving judgment call.

In the end, it’s still the holidays, and even if you don’t make the perfect gift choices (and believe me I’ve been there) it’ll be something to talk and laugh about at the holiday party.

What about you? Who do you buy presents for in your office? I know you probably don’t want to say what you’re buying for who, but how about some ideas? I’m sure I’m not the only one who could use them.


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