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Snowden resigns; headed AG’s civil rights office

ANNAPOLIS — The head of the Maryland attorney general’s civil rights office has announced he is retiring, a decision that comes in the aftermath of legal problems.

The attorney general’s office released a statement on Friday saying Carl Snowden plans to retire effective Jan. 8.

Snowden, a longtime Maryland civil rights leader, has a Jan. 7 court date on charges of violating his probation in a 2010 drunken driving case. Snowden also was convicted last month by a Baltimore jury of misdemeanor possession of marijuana. He received a suspended 60-day sentence and a year of probation.

Snowden had been given probation before judgment in the 2010 case, but the judge erased that after being told it was an illegal sentence because of Snowden’s previous probation for driving under the influence in 2003.

One comment

  1. Can someone, anyone, please tell me what precisely Mr. Snowden did as the “head of the Maryland Attorney General’s civil rights office?” I’m guessing the answer is nothing because the job was created for him years ago. I’m also guessing there is only one employee in this ‘office’ – Mr. Snowden.