A note to Daily Record readers

You spoke, and we listened.

Recently, subscribers have told us they want targeted, accurate and essential news they can access immediately, however they choose. Effective Monday, we are adding online access at no immediate additional cost to existing print-only subscriptions. In addition, the news, features, commentary and legal decisions that we used to hold for Monday’s Maryland Lawyer section will now run throughout the week in the newspaper — and will be available 24/7 online under our new “MD LAWYER” button at the top of our website, www.TheDailyRecord.com.

If you are a current print-only subscriber, email customerservice@bridgetowermedia.com or call 800-451-9998 to register for online access. And look for more improvements to come as The Daily Record celebrates its 125th year as Maryland’s trusted source for targeted, essential business and legal news.


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  1. If you want people to spend more time on your site then you need to allow them to interact and share their comments. If I click on a story and see that I cant comment then I back out immediately. Its offensive to listen to someone else without being able to comment and I refuse to do it. Im sure im not alone in my feelings. Free or not doesnt really matter if freedom of speech isnt an option.

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