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Fit to be hired

You believe the job interview has gone pretty well so far. You have told your potential employer how your experience and education are a perfect fit for the position. You have displayed your technical expertise. And then you’re hit with these odd questions: What website do you visit the most? What’s your favorite movie? What makes you uncomfortable?

Those may seem off-topic, but Bloomberg Businessweek reports that they rank among the most common questions asked by hiring managers in interviews.

(We wonder how many job candidates answered the “uncomfortable” question by saying: “Being asked irrelevant personal questions in a job interview.”)

Why turn the interview into a first date? It’s part of how companies are seeking a “cultural fit” with new hires.

“Whether someone rock climbs, plays the cello or enjoys film noir may seem trivial, but these leisure pursuits were crucial for assessing someone as a cultural fit,” Northwestern professor Lauren Rivera wrote in last month’s issue of American Sociological Review.

It works both ways, with potential employees valuing job environments as highly as factors such as salary, particularly among millennials.

And, in the end, hearing that your potential new customer service representative really loves “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” could be a key piece of information.