Bloomberg urges federal gun control reforms at Hopkins summit

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling for federal gun control reforms.

Bloomberg outlined his proposals Monday at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health at a summit on reducing gun violence.

The two-day summit began one month after the mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn.

Bloomberg is urging President Barack Obama and Congress to increase background check requirements for firearms purchases.

He also says the federal government needs to get tougher on gun trafficking. Bloomberg says the federal government must also limit assault weapons and magazines with more than 10 rounds.

Democratic Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley also outlined some reforms he plans to seek in Maryland. They include banning assault weapons and tougher licensing requirements. They also include proposals to increase school safety.

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  1. As someone who attended this symposium I will shout out that Hopkins is taking the timing of gun tragedy to push policy that goes far beyond what the public wants and it is doing so with such extreme bias in polling and statistics it will take your breathe away. As a gun control advocate I will side with the Australian gun control expert who commented on what types of penalties come with breaking these gun control laws…..’In Australia, we seek to change behavior not to criminalize people over this issue’. That is what is disturbing with Hopkins approach in that it seeks to criminalize the process and deny ownership to a wide swath of people. Since the poor are the only ones charged as felons for actions everyone does regarding drugs and alcohol, they are the ones squarely in the sights of this Hopkins gun control policy. It’s like killing a fly with by dropping a piano on it.

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