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Ravens Ravens RAVENS!

Nothing can bring me down this week. The Ravens are going to the Super Bowl!

This team has had to deal with some adversity this season and has done so with grace. Not all professional athletes also choose to act as role models, nor do they need to do so. But so many of the Ravens make an impact beyond the football field. There is a lot of thought and empathy behind their actions, especially this season.

It also has been great to watch Ray Lewis have such a fantastic retirement year. He does great things for our community and I think he is an inspiration. If you haven’t seen his episode of “A Football Life” yet, stop what you’re doing and watch, it is wonderful.

Finally, I love the support that Baltimore’s other sports stars show for our football team. Michael Phelps and Adam Jones have been prominent fixtures at the past couple games. It’s great to see our city’s athletes come out for each other. Phelps has said that Ray Lewis was his inspiration to compete in the last Olympics. And Jones doesn’t even have roots in Maryland but still shows so much support for the team (and Baltimore fans in general).

A Ravens Super Bowl just makes everything seem a little brighter around here. I can’t wait to see what happens in two weeks. Enjoy it Baltimore, go Ravens!