Brown to testify on public-private partnerships bill

ANNAPOLIS — Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown will testify in favor of a measure to create a framework for public-private partnerships to build roads and public buildings.

Brown is scheduled to testify before the House Environmental Matters Committee on Friday.

A similar bill failed to pass last year. Its prospects were complicated by a provision that was added to allow legal appeals on such projects to be heard on an expedited track before the Court of Special Appeals.

While Maryland has entered into public-private partnerships over the past five years, the private sector and the General Assembly have asked that the process be improved to attract private investment to help build new infrastructure in Maryland.

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  1. As everyone knows it is public private partnerships that have fueled the fleecing of government coffers through massive corporate fraud, the avoidance of corporate tax revenue through subcontracting to subcontractors leaving oversight, if it even existed, difficult to do. They are being used to privatize all that is public killing public sector unions and driving what is left of middle-class America into poverty wages. So, why are Third Way corporate pols like O’Malley, Anthony Brown, and Maggie McIntosh doing the very thing harming our economy the most? Corporate profit and the dismantling of labor’s strength in unions.

    This is why we have wealth inequity today. It is why the economy is stagnant with high unemployment, and it is why government coffers are empty so it is obviously bad policy for all of us….except the 1% for whom these pols work of course.

    The answer is to simply vote your incumbent out of office and run and vote for labor and justice in these next elections…..Watch especially the Governor and Attorney General’s race as these are the elected officials most responsible for the conditions allowing massive corporate fraud and corruption.

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