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O’Malley, McDonnell, oppose automatic federal cuts

ANNAPOLIS — The governors of Maryland and Virginia say they agree that huge, automatic federal budget cuts set to begin this week need to be avoided.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat, and his Virginia counterpart, Republican Bob McDonnell appeared Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

The $85 billion in cuts that are scheduled to begin taking effect Friday would have a big impact on Maryland and Virginia due to proximity to the nation’s capital.

O’Malley says they are job-killing cuts, and the country can’t cut its way to prosperity.

McDonnell says cuts indeed are needed, but not with such a heavy burden placed on defense under the plan.

One comment

  1. O’Malley has remained silent on the actual problem with all structural government budget deficits……massive corporate fraud and massive loss of corporate tax revenue…..both of which are huge problems in Maryland as well. So, to protest the cuts while not identifying the problem… why O’Malley is invited to national politic…..he is a solid corporate player!!!

    The problem for O’Malley is that the American people are finally aware of the whole Third Way as wealth and corporation pols….driving their constituents into poverty and taking all that’s public and making it private profit. Third Way is definitely on the way out of the democratic leadership and majority!!!!