Gun-control supporters, opponents rally in Annapolis

Activists and politicians on both sides of the gun-control issue rallied Friday in Annapolis. The House of Delegates is debating the legislation after the Senate passed it Thursday.


  1. Nicely balanced.

  2. Nice… at 33 secs the video of some “other” and much larger rally shows rain in the street. All other footage had bright blue skies. Tight shots of the Gov so you wouldn’t see the empty space since there were only about 100 people there to support this bill. *hands bucket to Josh so he can carry more water for OweMalley*

  3. This is a doctored video. The crowd shown in support of the gun law is from footage of a different rally in the past. Notice the streets are suddenly wet and it is rainy when they show the “big crowd” while it is dry and sunny in other shots. Complete dishonesty from political pundits trying to garner support. When your message doesn’t resonate with the populace, just LIE. That is the liberal way.

  4. Good evening Rani and John. This is Josh Cooper, the reporter that shot this video of yesterday’s events. I appreciate your desire for journalistic integrity, and I assure you none of the footage is doctored or spliced in any way. Feel free to email me at Josh.Cooper@TheDailyRecord.com and I can assuage any doubts you have as to the veracity of my report. The same goes for anyone else who has questions. It’s accuracy can be easily proven. Again, thanks for expressing your thoughts on this matter. We want to be as open and accountable as possible.

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