Miller says administration-backed transportation bill coming

A day after meeting with the Democratic leaders of the General Assembly, Gov. Martin O'Malley may soon introduce a bill that would raise hundreds of millions of dollars for transportation projects.


  1. where is all this dam money going? I don’t see any value being added to the state. If anything the quality of life in MD has decreased dramtically over the past several years, yet I keep paying more for everything, from taxes, to fees. When you do call the state or one of the offices no one calls you back, they are out the door by 4 which is when most of the office CLOSE. So someone should be answering phone up until 4! The phone numbers you get on any correspondence to contact someone are useless, unless you spend hours going through voice prompts or looking up the numbers on the state websites. And then your not guaranteed to even reach someone who knows anything! This state is a mess and getting “progressively” worse. Thanks for being so “PROGRESSIVE” MD.

  2. Where is the current 23 cents per gallon going? It’s not going to transportation!!! The idiots is Annapolis raided the transportation fund and put the money into the general fund! To me that’s basic fraud ! Stealing! L

  3. DThomas you said it perfectly! We have a small business in MD and they keep raising fees, unemployment, etc.

  4. If you want better contact info, I’ll tip you off – look at the MD Manual:

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