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iPad in the Law Office

I was a latecomer to the iPad game, and purchased my first tablet computer during a Black Friday sale last year. I won’t say that it’s become indispensable — my laptop is still the most useful piece of technology I own. However, it has been winning me over slowly. I’m looking forward to being able to use it for a jury trial in the next few months, which will give a full taste of what it can do. Friends have recommended TrialPad, which appears to do the trick in association with a projector, MiFi device and AppleTV.

Right now, I’ve been using it for my “free time” reading, most of which is law-related (see Mastering the ancient art of typography), and I am pleasantly surprised that I enjoy ebooks so much. The tablet is lightweight, goes with me everywhere, and remembers my place. I’m hoping that more reference books make the move to ebook form. Having the Bluebook, my legal dictionary and assorted other reference tomes on my iPad would mean that I wouldn’t have choose whether they reside at home or work.

The camera on the iPad is also useful. I happened to be in the record room of the District Court in Towson, looking up an old case. Instead of ordering copies from the clerk, it was a simple matter to photograph the pages I needed.

Finally, it’s great for kids. My three-year old is a champ on Endless ABC, and she loves having Doc McStuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (when did Mickey and Donald become friends?) episodes in the palm of her hand. And for the kid in me, while I was in the office yesterday I plugged into my Amazon Prime account and listened to some classic Star Trek episodes in the background (yesterday’s menu was season one of TOS:  Balance of Terror, The Galileo Seven, The City on the Edge of Forever, and Operation Annihilate!).

I have yet to find a “productivity” app that I like.  I tested Evernote and Fetchnotes, but neither really took. I’m open to suggestions.

So, Daily Record Readers–what are your favorite work apps, entertainment apps, and kid apps?



  1. Check out TabLit: Trial Notebook for your productivity app. It’s still in its infancy (v1.0.1), but we have a lot of updates planned over the next 6 months. Love to hear what you think!

  2. Get a protective cover if you’re going to let the kids use it. You need it for work more than they need cartoons!

  3. Stick with Evernote. It took me a while to “burn” it into my brain. The clincher was putting Evernote on my home PC and my work PC, as well as on my iPad and my iPhone. They automatically sync up with each other, so it doesn’t matter where I am, or on what computer, I always have my notes with me. Secondarily, I use SoundNote, which I use to record (audio) my meetings. A nice feature is that as I type notes, it synchs with that place in the recording. That way, I can click on a typed note, and the audio recording jumps right to that spot and starts playing. Zite is my all time iPad “newsmagazine”. It’s amazing how it learns your interests and keep feeding you what you want. I prefer that over Flipboard, because Flipboard is more oriented to your social media (Facebook, Twitter) world, which I don’t use as much. My all time favorite daily app, though, is History Channel’s Civil War Today.

  4. Hey John, Alex from Fetchnotes here. I’d love to hear why we didn’t click with you. Feel free to email me at alex(at)fetchnotes(dot)com. Thanks!