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In-House Interrogatory

Asked: Our weekly question to the In-House community

Change is hard. And for in-house counsel in a post-recession legal world, it can be very hard, according to an article by Inside Counsel.

The article takes a look at the top ways the job is different for GCs these days than before the economic bubble burst a few years ago.

According to the story, these are the top five changes:

  • More is expected of employees
  • There are fewer rewards
  • There is more concentration on short-term results
  • It’s all about innovation

So here’s our question for you:

How do you think the in-house counsel role is different in today’s economy?

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One comment

  1. In addition to the things named in the article, pay has dropped dramatically. It also appears that companies are expanding their “non-legal” contracts departments and staffing them with attorneys. The company gets the benefit of legal experience without having to pay for it or provide an appropriate job title.