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Why are all those cats saying ‘bosh’?

Tired of having its name mispronounced, KatzAbosch, a Timonium-based certified public accounting, tax and consulting firm, has come up with a new strategy: using cats.

The firm created a new website ( with photos of cats saying “bosh,” as a mnemonic device for people to remember the firm’s name and how to pronounce it.

“We’ve heard ‘Katz-AH-boash’, ‘Katzah-BOSH’ and sometimes just ‘Katz-um…,’” said Marketing Director Graham Dodge.

“But now everyone will remember that it sounds just like Cat Say Bosh.”

The firm has also changed its “Gotta Love Tax Season” animated ads to feature talking cats instead of accountants.

“Our market research shows that people prefer cats over accountants nearly 1,000 to 1,” said Dodge. “It’s a no-brainer.”