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Legal in pink?

Iowa locker roomWe’ve probably had enough off-the-court news from the NCAA this week to last us the rest of the year.

But here comes the University of Iowa with what could be the start of something that might be resolved with a coat of paint instead of firings.

For more than 25 years, visiting football teams have been getting dressed in a locker room that is painted pink. Now, two lawyers say the school could face a lawsuit under Title IX and Title VII rules that prohibit gender discrimination, according to The Gazette in Cedar Rapids.

Legendary Hawkeyes coach Haden Fry had the locker room painted pink because it was a “passive” color and considered it a psychological ploy against opponents.

But the lawyers say most “understand the pink locker room as a taunt against the other team, calling them a bunch of ladies/girls/sissies/pansies/etc.,” according to The Gazette.

A university spokesman said the school is fully compliant with Title IX.

The lawyers say they are unaware of a legal challenge to pink locker rooms, but a federal judge in Arizona ruled that having male prisoners wear pink underwear was a form of punishment without legal footing.

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