Kramer to seek special session on dog bill

A Maryland delegate providing relief to landlords from strict liability remains the unfinished business of the 2013 General Assembly session.


  1. Not enough. When the House plays the song Who Let the Dogs Out and laughs after they failed the people of Maryland I have my doubts about this suggestion. So you are going to let landlords off the hook, which is wise but not pass breed neutral legislation thereby still treating owners of pit bull type dogs as second class citizens. Not cool. Not right. You woke up a sleeping giant when you didn’t listen to the people begging you to pass the compromise bill offered by the committee.

  2. That compromise bill would have been fair to all dogs and people and would have weeded out the reckless dog owners by motivating people to be more responsible dog owners. People can get insurance. They don’t have to go to Nationwide for their insurance. Also, I knew HB78 was lost because Frosh and the Senate wouldn’t go back to the one bite rule after they attached that amendment when agreeing to breed neutral legislation. The compromise offered by the committee that was set up a few days ago was the best you were going to get with Frosh and the Senate.

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