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Going back to school after graduation

Rodney Dangerfield Back to SchoolI have always thought that it would be great to work for a college or university. College was such a great time in my life and I felt like I had so many opportunities at my fingertips. So I’d jump on the opportunity to go back to college, especially if I could get paid for it.

My law school experience was a little different but still wonderful. I remember feeling that the professors I had and employees at the law school were very passionate about their work.

I saw this Above the Law article the other day about law schools that hire their own graduates as a way to give jobs to some of who would otherwise be unemployed. The author points out that the law schools that have the highest employment rates after graduation are often the ones that are hiring there own graduates in the greatest numbers but argues this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Employment at a law school (mainly through a fellowship) can lead to employment in other areas of law down the road, the article states.

I am all for law school graduates going to work at their law schools and think it would be great to work for a law school, particularly the one I graduated from. After graduation, I was aware of the practice of law schools hiring their own graduates to boost employment statistics, so to speak, but I never really saw it as that. I saw it more as a way to get further experience in a certain area of law (which helps with the whole “you need experience in order to get experience” employment hurdle), a way to work with law students, or just generally an interesting job to have. In order to fulfill certain legal goals or to have a certain type of role in the legal field (such as working with students), a position at a law school is ideal.

But I understand the other side. A job at the school you just graduated from (particularly immediately after graduation) might feel a little anti-climactic to some people. I also understand that some people will feel it’s important to get some experience in the “real world” before taking a position at a university or law school.

What do you think? Could you ever see yourself working for your law school in the future?