On always being a new lawyer

This job, I hope, will never get old. Every new case brings something new.


  1. receptionist@warnkenlaw.com

    All the best, John. I hope there will be frequent guest posts, as I’ve enjoyed reading your “column.”

    I’ve also enjoyed getting to know you a little bit. As far as the life and business successes go, good things happen to good people. You prove the cliche, my friend.

  2. Like the post, and will be sharing with young lawyer friends. Star Trek: Into Darkness – just 18 more days!

  3. John,

    Salute to you, youngster/oldster, from my 38 years in practice and in marriage. Each successive year we continue to reflect on how much more we know, and don’t know “now.”

    It is all a matter of framing, in a way:

    Yes, on the challenge side of the equation, if we had been asked back in high school whether we would like a job which has homework every night, there would be few who would accept the challenge.

    On the glory side, is the constant growth in perspective, creatively trying to bring about some level of timely, effective intervention to whatever problem arrives in the office.

    Congratulations, and always the best to you.
    Well done, and thank you.