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Happy Mother’s Day

The legal profession is notorious for demanding your full and complete devotion, sometimes every waking hour of every day. As full-time lawyer and a mother of two young children with an amazingly supportive husband, sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough in the mothering department.

Work-life balance debates and societal expectations aside, though, I think it is the kids’ perspective that counts the most. What matters to me is that my kids are happy, healthy, safe and that they know that I love them.

My daughter made a fill-in the blank “All About My Mom” letter in school earlier this week.  She left it on my keyboard at home, because she knew that was the first place I would look when I got home. The whole thing was adorable, but a couple of her answers really stuck out to me:

My mom always tells me: “I love you.”

It makes my mom happy when: she sees us. 

I love my mom because: she’s so sweet.

As long as that is her perspective, I must be doing something right. And that is good enough for me.

(Photo: Crazy Yet Wise)