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First day jitters

I’ve had a few first-days-on-the-job now and each one is equally nerve-wracking. I started a new job Tuesday and my stomach was in knots (although with the post-holiday traffic, I don’t think I was alone in my anxiety).

I don’t know if it’s true what they say about first impressions, but I’m not the sort of person to take any chances and I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure the first day goes smoothly even if many things are out of my control. Interviews are a helpful way to get to know about a potential job but you never really know how things are going to be until you start and even then, you don’t know until you really put in the time to get into the real meat-and-potatoes of the job. It’s an investment and a risk because you never know how things will turn out.

But mostly it’s just exciting. Every opportunity I am lucky enough to be offered always has so much potential and it’s fun to think about where a new job might take you in the future. I also get excited about the little things, such as how a new job will affect my daily life. There’s getting used to the commute and the general routine of the office, where you go for lunch, happy hour, etc. This new job has the added bonus of being close to where I live, which is something I am very happy about.

I was just thinking that that it’s been almost exactly four years since my law school graduation. To me, it doesn’t seem as though that much time has passed. I’ve gotten some great experience from everyone I have had the pleasure to work with so far but I still feel like a newbie, and I guess I am. Even though it makes me nervous, I always like starting something new.

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