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Baltimore Co. settlement with firefighters, police to cost upward of $1M

Baltimore County’s latest Americans with Disabilities Act settlement with two firefighters and a police lieutenant will cost upward of $1 million, not the $107,000 the county cited in announcing it last month, according to settlement documents filed days later in the federal case.

The county’s figure included only the amount of noneconomic damages — $20,000 to each man — plus attorneys’ fees of about $47,000.

It left out the amount of back-pay awards ($316,484) as well as an immediate pension boost to one plaintiff ($121,814), according to a copy of the settlement agreements provided by plaintiffs’ attorneys Kathleen Cahill and Benjamin Rosenberg last week.

In addition, the two firefighters recovered rights to future pension benefits ranging from $500,000 to $750,000, depending on how long they work.

The cases are Kuklinski v. Baltimore County, Becker v. Baltimore County, and Lauenstein v. Baltimore County, Nos. 1:12-cv-02645 thru -02647-CCB.