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Paying for Wal-Mart’s low prices?

What is the cost of those bargains you find at Wal-Mart? According to a study recently released by congressional Democrats, just one store could cost taxpayers nearly $1 million.

The study calculated the cost of government assistance programs for low-wage workers at a hypothetical Wal-Mart Supercenter  in Wisconsin. Now, it may not be likely that all of the eligible employees working at the store and their dependents would enroll in programs for food stamps, health care or housing, but if they did, the study calculated the cost for a year at $900,000.

“When low wages leave Wal-Mart workers unable to afford the necessities of life, taxpayers pick up the tab,” the report says.

Wal-Mart begs to differ.

“Unfortunately, there are some people who base their opinions on misconceptions rather than the facts, and that is why we recently launched a campaign to show people the unlimited opportunities that exist at Wal-Mart,” spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said. “… We provide a range of jobs — from people starting out stocking shelves to Ph.D.’s in engineering and finance. We provide education assistance and skill training and, most of all, a chance to move up in the ranks.”

(H/T Huffington Post)