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Annapolis man writes apology for public urination

ANNAPOLIS — A man who was seen by the mayor of Annapolis urinating off the third deck of a garage has written a letter of apology for the incident.

In a letter published Thursday on the website of The Capital of Annapolis, 69-year-old Richard Vermillion admitted to urinating off the Hillman Parking garage. He also wrote that he was donating $1,000 to the MainStreets Annapolis Partnership.

Annapolis police gave Vermillion a citation in October after Mayor Josh Cohen said he saw Vermillion urinating off the garage. Cohen says he told Vermillion that there was a restroom on the ground floor. Vermillion replied with an expletive, Cohen said.

The mayor took down Vermillion’s license tag before he drove off and told the garage attendant to keep the gates closed until police arrived.