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Burger big enough to choke a dinosaur

Like the dinosaur itself, the “T-Rex” burger at Wendy’s is extinct. But also like the dinosaur, we can marvel at its awesomeness.

The burger was offered at only one Wendy’s, in Brandon, Manitoba. It was constructed of nine quarter-pound patties. How did the monster burger come to be? This was a case of life imitating art — as in advertising art.

Barb Barker, office manager for the group that owns the Brandon franchise, told “Wendy’s corporate put out a tongue-in-cheek ad in Sports Illustrated eight or 10 years ago with a picture of the ‘T-Rex’ burger. Customers liked it and requested it, and we obliged, given that we’re in the customer service business.”

Customers would order the mega-burger two or three times a day, Barker said, and sometimes one person would polish it off. But as these things will — even from Manitoba — news reached the Internet. Corporate higher-ups decided the “T-Rex” wasn’t a good idea.

“We have removed the image from our store,” Barker said.  “Wendy’s is not condoning or endorsing that a person eat nine meat patties in one sitting.”

At least not without cutting back by ordering just a small Frosty to go with it.

H/T: Reddit