Former Md. GOP chair raising money for West Virginia race

Former state Sen. Alex X. Mooney, who resigned as chairman of the Maryland Republican Party in February, said Tuesday he had raised $100,000 for a congressional bid in West Virginia's 2nd district.

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  1. Interesting rationalization by the GOP. Alex Moody is one of those classic lifelong politicos not unlike John Leopold in Anne Arundel County: Never held a job outside of Government (his stint in Washington with a lobbying effort and the GOP Chairmanship both effectively being public sector jobs).

    His time as Chair of the Md GOP was at best lacking if not a disaster. So when he sees no further opportunity to pedal his anti-government wares while in government what does he do? runs for another government job in another state!

    And what’s the GOP’s take on that? Not that Alex is just another bag of hot air, it’s that redistricting denied Alex his guaranteed government job.

    I wonder why the GOP is so unsuccessful in Maryland?